What Inspires Me

the work of Pedro Almodovar – vibrant life uncensored

Apple’s intense and uncanny focus on product design that elicits emotion

crystal clear water like in the Sea of Cortez

BRAND:  American Express – their personality-driven TV commercials; their messages about “access” and “opportunity;” their core product which is a charge card not a credit card

watching perfectionists doing creative work they love (think Christian Siriano on Project Runway)

those first moments when I arrive in a city to which I’ve never been – promise of discovery

good movie trailers that leave me wanting more, not showing me the Cliff’s Notes version of the film

gospel choirs

BRAND:  Virgin’s airline brands and Richard Branson’s leadership – per Virgin America’s VP of Marketing Porter Gale, “He’s (Branson’s) a consumer champion and he comes in and changes industries.  He’s trying to banish mediocrity.  That philosophy really filters throughout our organization.”

the creative work process of firms like IDEO

the original story & illustrations from Alices Adventures in Wonderland

walking around Mexico City

rooftop bars in foreign cities

BRAND:  Fast Company – a magazine that actually makes reading about business interesting, fun and relevant.  Can I get a ‘Hallelujah” up in here?


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