Farming Out Madison Avenue

24 03 2009

Finally! Corporate America is wising up to the fact that Madison Avenue does not have all of the good ideas.

In what is surely a bellweather move, the CMOs of 10 major corporations (including H-P and Pepsi brand Doritos) have tentatively agreed to participate in a crowdsourcing contest for the next great ad. It’s nice to see the de-concentration of creative influence.

It’s also a bit bittersweet to someone else making a go of what was my MBA Lab to Market project (along with Craig Braun, Stephanie Herzberg & Tony Cusano), Wombat.

More details on the contest here:


Overly Optimistic Marketing?

15 12 2008

In a Pepsi-sponsored survey, StrategyOne discovered that Millennials, born between 1980 and 1990, share the attribute of optimism.  In fact, 95% of Millennials surveyed agreed with the statement that “it is important to maintain a positive outlook on life.”  These respondents also responded positively to words like “change,” “new,” “progress,” “hope” and “excitement.”  As all of this is part of the self-designated Pepsi Optimism Project, I’m wondering if this research is simply a vehicle for Pepsi to find what they’re looking for.  Are Millennials the only demographic with a statistically significant predisposition toward “progress” and “excitement?” [link to full AdAge article here]

It’s going to be interesting to watch Pepsi roll out their new optimistic branding (no doubt with a big splash at the Super Bowl) at a point in history where the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama will collide with a severe economic recession.  What will win out — eager new Pepsi or more-of-the-same Coke?  Feels like another election is upon us.