Blatant Optimism, post 1

7 04 2009

HBS ran a short article titled “Cheers to the American Consumer.” In it, author John Quelch details 6 qualities of the American consumer that provide hope for an economic recovery:  (relative) wealth, mobility, immigration, independence, recognition and technology.

This is a short article that makes its point in broad strokes.  Not much meat to chew on here, but it does provide a context for hope.

For months now I have been decrying the pessimism of the American media, business leaders and political leaders.  I am not buying into this “sky is falling attitude.”  Our capitalistic and innovative tendencies are too ferocious to allow it (unless, of course, we succumb to our own fear and doubt).  So, from here on out, I will be searching for articles that point out bright spots in the economy, areas of growth and change.  Auto industry: stop whining and build better, more responsible cars.  Airline industry: make flying fun again.  Department stores: offer a unique retail experience based on service and local tastes.  Credit cards: make responsibility part of your customer experience again and having a credit card a privilege, not a right.

With so many old business regimes and models falling by the wayside, we have the unique opportunity now to rebuild a stronger, more valuable, more enjoyable and more sustainable economy.  No excuses.