The Newest Clothing Category

27 03 2009

I was just putting away my laundry when I realized an entire new segment in men’s clothing had emerged and I hadn’t even noticed it.

One by one I was folding my underwear. Not the 100% cotton tighty whities and pinstriped boxers my Dad might have worn. Those wear out, tear, fade. No, these were synthetic blends in toxic colors and patterns, cut in all different styles. If I was marketing them, their brand characteristics would include “sporty,” “fun,” “youthful.” And that’s when it dawned on me. These aren’t underwear. These are man’s panties. Manties.

Men, we’ve been tricked again by those clever marketers and now we’re paying $25 bucks a pair. Ah, well. At least we can pretend we’re sporty, fun and youthful when we get dressed in the morning.19under6001jpg