Silver-Lining Marketing

16 09 2008

Due to my impending high school reunion, I recently reconnected with an old friend.  We’ve known each other since elementary school.    Buried in a box under the stairs are the pen pal letters to prove it.   In catching up, I learned that he had heart surgery at a very young age (12) which somehow none of us seemed to know.  This experience apparently inspired his current career in cardiac research.

There is something very appealing about this simple cause and effect story.  There is also something very moving about a challenge that is morphed into a triumph.  

In light of the turbulence in our economy, in the financial sector and in our politics I would like to see advertising and marketing with that same appeal.  Rather than frighten me with tales of what’s wrong (and how I, the consumer, need your product or service or else…) why don’t you inspire me with what can be made right. When I refer to the fear-based advertising and marketing, I am thinking of recent ads I’ve seen for insurance, healthcare, financial services and our presidential candidates.  When I refer to inspiring, I am thinking of Target and Wal-Mart, who are working very hard to remind us that beauty, fun and everyday small luxuries don’t have to be mutually exclusive of value and savings.

So, to all of you advertisers and marketers out there:  Show me a realistic silver-lining.  Because, quite simply, if you can provide me with reasoned hope, I will gravitate toward you.


Work Sermon

20 08 2008

It’s fitting that I stumbled across this on a Sunday morning. While researching viral marketing on Guy Kawasaki’s blog for a consulting project, I came across the mention of a sermon called “Jesus & Your Job.” (disclaimer:  I don’t subscribe to any particular religion so I am not pushing an agenda here)  Guy had given this video clip a ringing endorsement which is the entrepreneurial equivalent of Siskel AND Roeper giving it a thumbs up.  So, I checked it out. 

Lo and behold, I got a boost of inspiration and enthusiasm for my work that no amount of Peet’s could provide.  Whether you are comfy in your current job, changing jobs, jobless or just starting to build a client base, I recommend you check out this link:  Scroll down to March 4th, 2007 and click on the camera icon.  Best viewed on a Monday morning.  Nancy, I hope to thank you in person one day.