Segmenting Moms

7 04 2009

1-800-Flowers has launched a new campaign, Spot-a-Mom. Working across a broad range of traditional and social media outlets, the company is encouraging everyone from their CEO to the (wo)man on the street to recognize the moms in their lives. What’s unique about this is that they are using Twitter and Facebook to segment the moms by interests and hobbies. Participants can then nominate the moms in their lives to be the 1-800-Flowers Mom of the Week.

Of course, this campaign is a lead-up to next month’s Mother’s Day. And the more that 1-800-Flowers can do to associate its brand with that holiday, the better for them. But at least they’re recognizing Moms in the process.

(tip to 1-800-Flowers: Don’t be so cheap. The $100 gift certificate for being the Mom of the week makes you look cheap).