Yet Another Rehash of the Super Bowl Ads

2 02 2009

Can’t resist.  These are the only ones I remember, which make them the only ones that matter (to me).

DORITOS – brothers Dave & Joe Herbert’s hilarious crystal ball ad blew most of the Madison Avenue competition out of the water.  I laughed so hard, I was snorting.

MONSTER.COM – the backside of the moose.  Who thought of that?  Loved it.  Also got big laughs from our crowd and tapped into the psyche of the Office Space workingman.

CHEETOS – mildly amusing revenge fantasy.  I wanted to see more of The Birds.

COKE – the bugs were cute and all, but I had no idea how it related to Coca-Cola.  Should have been a movie trailer.

BUDWEISER – Horse fetching stick is cute.  But not effective.

and speaking of movie trailers…

G.I. JOE – the ad kicked ass.  Made me wish I’d played with them as a kid.


LAND OF THE LOST – Giant crabs + Will Ferrel = can’t wait (even though the audio was terrible, couldn’t follow the dialogue)




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