My Wordle

23 02 2009

This is my Wordle.  It’s a weighted word cloud based on my blog’s content.  


I think I better stop blogging about oatmeal.


19 02 2009

I just completed a survey for M Squared Consulting Group that was gauging my beliefs about the past and present economy for consultants.  The last question asked if I had any predictions for economic trends.  I made three predictions, one of which was the “emergence of micro-economies where small communities will band together to help themselves out…”

And then I read this great little story in AdAge about an unemployed copywriter-turned-blogger.  Erik Proulx is turning his site Please Feed the Animals into a job market for people just like himself.

Bailout, Shmailout.  This is the kind of chutzpah and resourcefulness that is going to resuscitate our economy.  Way to go, Erik.

Best PSA I Have Seen in a Long Time

12 02 2009

Watch this and see if you don’t cry.  And if you like it, spread the news.

I’m taking notes on how this was structured as a great example of social marketing.

Not a marketing post, but what the heck

11 02 2009

How Cherry Milk Saved Facebook

11 02 2009

Recently I’ve flirted with the idea of canceling my Facebook account, thinking it was a total timesuck with no real benefits.  Then I had a completely delightful experience.  You see, like millions of people, I filled out that 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me form (which needs a major UI overhaul, btw.  Still can’t figure out how to forward it on).  And in said document I wrote about my love for cherry milk.  You see, cherry milk is something that I invented as a child that involves pouring the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries into a glass of milk.  Delicious.  Since the posting, I have heard from a woman I used to babysit (who is going to try it), my godmother’s daughter who tried it and loved it, and my buddy from UCLA, Mark Winick, who made it for his sons. And they love it.

Yes, thanks to Facebook, cherry milk has spread virally to at least three states and is certain to become a family tradition for at least one more family.  So, for now, Facebook I will give you another chance. You’re still a timesuck, but damn you are useful.


Yet Another Rehash of the Super Bowl Ads

2 02 2009

Can’t resist.  These are the only ones I remember, which make them the only ones that matter (to me).

DORITOS – brothers Dave & Joe Herbert’s hilarious crystal ball ad blew most of the Madison Avenue competition out of the water.  I laughed so hard, I was snorting.

MONSTER.COM – the backside of the moose.  Who thought of that?  Loved it.  Also got big laughs from our crowd and tapped into the psyche of the Office Space workingman.

CHEETOS – mildly amusing revenge fantasy.  I wanted to see more of The Birds.

COKE – the bugs were cute and all, but I had no idea how it related to Coca-Cola.  Should have been a movie trailer.

BUDWEISER – Horse fetching stick is cute.  But not effective.

and speaking of movie trailers…

G.I. JOE – the ad kicked ass.  Made me wish I’d played with them as a kid.


LAND OF THE LOST – Giant crabs + Will Ferrel = can’t wait (even though the audio was terrible, couldn’t follow the dialogue)